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SLOVENIA, Maribor, Oder Minoriti

Jun 23, 20210 Comments

SLOVENIA, Maribor, Oder Minoriti, A trip to Vegas

SLOVENIA, Maribor Hisa Oz

Jun 13, 20210 Comments

SLOVENIA, Maribor Hisa Oz, outside event with Bluenote quartet

SLOVENIA, Maribor, Terasa hise Oz

Jul 23, 20200 Comments

SLOVENIA, Maribor, Terasa hise Oz, with Bluenote!

SLOVENIA, Maribor Trip to Las Vegas show (closed event)

Jun 21, 20190 Comments

SLOVENIA, Maribor  Trip to Las Vegas show (closed event)

SLOVENIA, Maribor with the Bluenote quartet

Apr 30, 20190 Comments

SLOVENIA, Maribor with the Bluenote quartet, Charity event, Avditorij lutkovnega gledalisca

SLOVENIA, Maribor, A trip to Vegas

Feb 28, 20190 Comments

SLOVENIA, Maribor, A trip to Vegas with Oto Pestner and Omar Naber

SLOVENIA, Maribor, Narodni dom

Nov 08, 20180 Comments

SLOVENIA, Maribor, Narodni dom at 20h, special guest at Nusa Derenda concert

SLOVENIA, Maribor, SNG Maribor

Jan 19, 20180 Comments

SLOVENIA, Maribor, SNG Maribor, with the Bluenote quartet and the Pearlettes ( closed event )


Dec 04, 20170 Comments

SLOVENIA, Maribor a special guest at a celebration.

SLOVENIA, Maribor galerija Gosposka

Oct 10, 20160 Comments

SLOVENIA, Maribor galerija Gosposka with the Bluenote quartet

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